The Play The Music Acoustic Showcase has been a fixture of the Saturday afternoon entertainment schedule at Norwich Arts Centre for over 9 years but, after almost 100 events and over 400 performances, we have to announce that we are reluctantly leaving the arts centre in June 2016.

We thank Norwich Arts Centre for their support to Play The Music, and Black Cat Music before us in the past. We thank all the performers who have entertained us and we thank Alice, Bill, Ryan and Alex for all the work they have put into making sure everybody is heard and sounds good.

Play The Music have been involved with the East Anglia music scene since 2002, hosting events under the Go Acoustic, Acoustic Showcase & Play The Music banner, as well as managing performers at events throughout the UK. We have been allowed to offer musicians a stage to play on, whether they are starting out or have been playing for many years. This was always our remit and we are proud that we have been successful in our aim.

Jason is a performer (known as Lefty) as well as an organiser, so prides himself in understanding that musicians just want the chance to play, hence the reason for the Play The Music branding.

Play The Music have proudly been offering FREE top class acoustic music since 2002 and with the Norwich Arts Centre Café Bar we had a venue where the patrons really want to hear music.

Norwich Arts Centre has a duty to provide creative arts to all age groups and so are embarking on new and exciting ways to encourage arts with their Sonic Youths initiative and further youth orientated Saturday afternoon activities.

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We are currently taking a break from hosting acoustic events, but we will return soon!

Watch this space or check in with us at